SDI Scuba Skills Video Series

I was Director of Photography and Producer on this scuba diving skills video series.

SDI Educational Video Series

I am thrilled to unveil a project close to the heart of the ocean and scuba divers like me: an educational video series commissioned by Scuba Diving International (SDI). As a leader in scuba diving certification and education, SDI’s mission to enhance the safety and excitement of scuba diving aligns perfectly with our dedication to capturing the essence of underwater experiences.


Project Overview

The Open Water Scuba Skill series was crafted with dual intent: to serve as a public resource for refining scuba diving skills and to be an integral part of SDI’s open water scuba diving course curriculum. Spanning over several videos, the content ranges from basic to advanced diving techniques, all demonstrated with clarity and expertise.


Filming Location

Our dive into the educational realm took place in the controlled environment of a pool in Stuart, Florida, where we transformed calm waters into a canvas for scuba instruction. Thank you Stuart Scuba for the help with tanks and logistics. 


The Team


This project was brought to life with the collaboration of remarkable talents and entities. A special thanks to:


Jason Meany

Jennifer Chin

Rick Carlson


Rachel Pryke

And gratitude to our gear sponsors:




International Training Inc. (ITI)

Stuart Scuba


Technical Specifications

As the Director of Photography and principal cameraman, William Drumm encapsulated the immersive underwater world using a Canon R5, known for its exemplary sharpness and color rendering. The camera was secured in a Marelux housing coupled with an 8-inch glass dome, ideal for the exigencies of underwater filming. The footage was captured in stunning 4K at 120 fps, ensuring high-definition quality that brings the viewer as close to a real dive as possible without getting wet.


Post-Production and Promotion

The collaboration extended beyond filming; William Drumm was also hands-on with editing and post-production, ensuring that the final product not only teaches but also captivates. The promotional efforts were designed to attract viewers ranging from novices to experienced divers and to aid in the marketing outreach for SDI’s classes.



The success of this project can also be attributed to the behind-the-scenes work by the project team who helped in various capacities to realize the vision of creating a compelling educational experience. Each dive, each shot, and each edited sequence was a step towards enriching the scuba community with reliable and engaging educational material.



This video series is a testament to the blend of technical expertise, collaborative effort, and creative vision. It’s a valuable resource for both the uninitiated and the seasoned diver looking to brush up on their skills. We invite you to dive in with us to explore, learn, and embrace the tranquility and adventure of scuba diving.


Contact and Further Information

For more information on SDI or to view the video series, please visit To explore more of William Drumm’s underwater and commercial work, or for inquiries about future projects, please visit the and

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